This policy is an addition to our general Terms and Conditions.

New – COVID Policy supersede existing Terms and Conditions and applies to protocols of reservation, cancellation, reschedule and refund. The newest policy (Covid Policy) applies to all bookings made for season 2021.




to enjoy the Great Outdoors with us!

We have changed some of our protocols giving you safety, flexibility and necessary time.

We would like to ensure you, that each direct booking is secured and we keep guests and staff safe whilst staying with us. We follow new guidelines and COVID-Secure protocols.

We have prepared flexible policy (TRAVEL WITH CONFIDENCE) suitable for current times with no fees or extra charges for change, postpone and cancel and 100% of your deposit will be refund in the event of Coronavirus restrictions.

3 point COVID-19 Policy


We are making it easier for you to book, change or cancel (if necessary) your trip with no fees. 100% of your deposit will be refund in ANY case related with COVID-19.


All bookings made for season 2021 will apply to 20% of a deposit which is required 2 weeks before arrival.

We believe that by reducing amount of the deposit, shortening the time of its due and eliminating balanced due, you get necessary time and confidence.

We trust, that deposit represents a commitment bonding both parties to respect terms. It gives a safety for a small, family business like us.


We understand that due to dynamic situation all plans may change and to follow simplifying travel, we have eliminated change and cancel fees.

  • No fees for changes (postpone) – you have the flexibility to change the date of your arrival without a fee. 
  • No time limitation – you can choose whatever date in the future to postpone your holidays.
  • 3 days notice – you get a chance to cancel or postpone your visit within 3 days before arrival. This period applies just to unpredictable situation related with new Covid-19 restrictions, symptoms of coronavirus (proof positive). If we are not notified within 3 days of changing the date, then deposit will not be able to be transferred.

We know that there may be times where you need to cancel your trip. The good news is that you will not be charged a fee for cancelling and your deposit will become a voucher (Credit note) to a set value (deposit paid will stay as part-payment towards a stay at Hoopoe in the future) or will be refunded within 14 days.

If guests do wish to take advantage of the TRAVEL WITH CONFIDENCE policy, and only a 20% deposit has been taken, we would greatly appreciated to accept credit notes instead of deposit returns. We will not enforce this, however, during these unprecedented times for small business such as ourselves it is big aid. The paid amount is then transferred to the new dates, leaving you to visit us on your new dates having paid up all ready.

If you need to change or discuss your booking, please get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity at or +38268394893.

COVID19 protocols + our usual high standards of friendliness and cleanliness

to ensure you continue to enjoy the Great Outdoors with us

Hoopoe Glamping & Adventures

  • perfect outdoor escape
  • to enjoy privacy in our secluded tents
  • to immerse in nature
  • unwind and relax.

Cheaper than therapy!


  1. We have carried out a full assessment of our site and a tour we operate to help shape our new procedures.
  2. Our outdoor glamping will be operating to COVID-Secure guidelines as published by the Government.
  3. We’ve increased the rigour and frequency of cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting rooms and common areas.
  4. Our glamping units are at least 20 metres apart laterally giving you comfort and solitary.
  5. We are able to provide a contactless arrival and departure process (if necessary).
  6. We are monitoring the situation closely and will ensure any relevant WHO or government recommendations are implemented immediately.

“We are all in it”

We appreciate your patience while we review constantly situation

and latest Government updates.

Last updated – 30 March 2021