Discover magic of Skadar Lake, it’s stunning views and wildlife, hidden bays, old fisherman villages, islands with monasteries and prisons. Explore the region, taste local food and wine. Hike off the beaten track and swim wild in the crystal water.

We offer a wide range of guided adventure tours in and around Lake Skadar National Park. From an active canoe and hiking tour to more relaxing wine and local gastronomy tours. Almost every day there is an activity planned, a “must do” if you want to discover hidden places that can not find in any guide book.

We will craft your best memories.


Canoe trip on Skadar Lake is a bespoken adventure. It’s definitely the best way to see biodiversity of this massive ...


We have prepared off the beaten tracks in this part of Lake Skadar NP. Hoopoe's guided-adventures give access to attractions ...


Drive around the lake in a 4x4 car and explore the north western part of the lake. Perfect way to ...


The area around Lake Skadar is known for the red Vranac grape and homemade wine is a part of a ...

One day excursions can be ordered and arranged soonest 3 days in advance.

If You want to be sure about planned excursions, please check the “Active Holidays” packages and book your glamping and adventures in time.