Where we bring camping to the next level by providing an outstanding experience.

We pursue the sublime. We pursue a space where the imagination soars and  the surrounding beauty deepens and lengthens the breath. Open a glass  of wine, close your eyes and hear the birds, the crackling fire. Align  with nature. Is that the place you’re looking for?     

There are 4 secluded spaces together with the centre point – the lounge view terrace. Our tents are designed and manufactured in Belgium and the UK – they are environmentally friendly and sturdy and unafraid of heat, rain and wind.

The interiors are carefully thought through with hand made and natural materials re-stored and revitalised furniture. Minimalism and rustic charm and warmth are the perfect fusion.  Each tent comes with a roofed terrace where you can sink into a comfy armchair, watch the sky and have your own fireplace. Here you can enjoy the longest and most inspiring conversations or the deepest silence and nature ambience.

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glamping tents

4 offers of accommodation in Safari Tents and Bell Tents – each unique, answering a different taste and character.

active holidays

Created packages of active holidays. A perfect choice for an outdoor enthusiasts.


One day tours to discover magic of Lake Skadar National Park. Our selected “must do” you won’t find in a guidebook.

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