Where story begins.

Two dreamers on the road  were thrown by a coincidence into a chance meeting in the picturesque  village in the National Park of the Skadarsko Lake and the time stood still… Endless starry nights by the open fire and each conversation an adventure. And then it hit us-  in travel, like in life, one must compromise-  the wilderness and divine peace but no network coverage, dead phone battery and a heavy backpack of dirty laundry, or comfort, fresh bedding and a warm shower but crowds of tourists, rush and the aching absence of authenticity and pristine nature.


A life dreamt away from the noise where space, distance and connection are re-defined and awash with fresh ideas.  Not close to nature but united with nature, with its crystal clear springs, and cleansing air, with swims in a nearby lake and the melodies of local birds, with the wild horses and homegrown food.  A life made real, simple and naturally aligned with the rhythm and the music of the seasons, with the beats of the wilderness around and the smiles and open arms of the locals.

Where dreams meet reality.

One of Europe’s most untamed countries has become the dreamland.  It’s now a chosen homeland. A space where we dissolve the binary between travel and tourism – where comfort and access to facilities doesn’t create a barrier to exploring nature- raw and riveting. Accommodation is redefined for an experience. The dream is transformed and materialises.  A balanced business, aligned with our philosophies and driven by an insatiable instinct for nature and the opportunity to share it with our guests.


Daria and Matthieu, the creators and hosts at Hoopoe, are delighted to offer 4 exquisite sites : Safari and Bell Tents accompanied by the most breath-taking space. We have taken every care to ensure all the comforts of a cosy hotel room are available here- right in heart of nature. We have respectfully learnt the local magic and will show you the miracles off the beaten track, the road less travelled.

It’s the emotions, not the itinerary; if you’d love to explore the treasures of the National Park and the Balkan cuisine and outdoor activities sound appealing, we will be delighted to help you craft this singular and energising experience.

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