Daria and Matthieu – the founders and hosts of Hoopoe.  Fire and water brought together by the shared passion for learning about and getting to know new people, the unflinching love for nature and an insatiable appetite for life.


Travelling lover. Before she discovered the ultimate drive to set up her own business she was taking a career path in corporate finance. A handcrafter, culinary experiment lover, a soap and natural cosmetics maker and interior upcycling enthusiast. Nothing feels quite like finding an old treasure and reincarnate it into a brand new life. A witch, a herbalist, in love with flowers, trees and a firm believer in their powers. Surrounded by music and kindred spirits.  Nothing starts the day like a celebration of a heavenly breakfast.


Over 10 years on the road, wandered through Europe and Asia on foot and by bike to finally fall in love in a small European country he chose to be home. Explorer, traveller and a bushcrafter.  Lakes, forests and mountains are his natural habitats. An expert well-versed in the flora and fauna of the Skadar Lake National Park and experienced guide in the area, both on land and water. The originator of Hoopoe Glamping.  A maker, and a handy-man. Nothing quite feels like an open fire and outdoor meal. A dreamer and an eternal optimist.

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